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The Cheapest Time To Visit 12 Of The World`s Most Expensive Places

The Cheapest Time To Visit 12 Of The World`s Most Expensive Places

Everyone wants to visit some of the best known locations in the world, at least once in their lifetime. In order to help you out and turn your dream into a reality we present you with the cheapest time to travel to some of the world`s most expensive places.

1. St. Barts

If you enjoy shopping and chilling away from the crowd on amazing beaches and mountains with great views, then St. Barts si the right place for you. To save your money, book a trip in November.



2. London, England

Sooner or later we all dream of visiting London! With a great number of different locations for everyone’s choice, many of which offer a great view of London’s beauties, it is definitely one of the most attractive places in the world. The best time for visiting is early July.

London, England


3. Santorini, Greece

When volcanoes erupt, they might compose something glorious and mind-blowing. This is a case with Santorini, so grab your ticket in mid-February and enjoy in some of the best views in the world and of course in the Greek`s delicious traditional cuisine.

Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

4. Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are interested in history and in bustling night life, then Honolulu, Hawaii, is where you need to go. May is probably the best time for a visit so pack light and prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime.


Floating Lantern Festival - Honolulu, Hawaii

5. Yosemite National Park, California

If you like the great outdoors than you`re going to love Yosemite. If you can, make sure you plan a trip in November and December, its way cheaper this time of the year. The great number of beautiful lakes and amazing waterfalls will take your breath away.

Yosemite National Park, US


6. Miami Beach, Florida

June is the best time to visit Miami Beach in Florida. Pick up a room with a great ocean view and simply enjoy life.

Miami, USA

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here you can visit the tallest building in the world and enjoy the view from  2,700 feet in the air.  It will cost you less if you go in November and December.


8. Key West, Florida

Being in the same places where most of the celebrities hang out can be very exciting.  You won’t get bored even for a second. Go there in December or January to pay less.


9. Avalon, California

October and November is the best time to enjoy in this little peace of heaven.

10. Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is definety oone of the best skiing centers in the world so I`m sure most of you would love to visit. You’ll definitely enjoy the great mountains and its most popular peaks. The best time for a visit is in April and May.


11. Kaanapali, Hawaii

Wait until October or November to start your journey to paradise. Hawaii on general has some of the best beaches and tourist centers in the world. You`ll definitely won`t regret spending your holiday money here.


12. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Are you are an art or history lover that enjoys skiing or hiking? If you are than don’t hesitate and book your spot in Santa Fe in January or February.


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