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Are You Dying For a Selfie? This Year More People Died From Selfies Than Shark Attacks

Are You Dying For a Selfie? This Year More People Died From Selfies Than Shark Attacks
Selfies vs sharks deaths

According to Mashable: 12 selfie deaths vs. 8 shark attacks so far, this year alone! Unfortunately we cannot blame technology for our own stupidity, but then again accidents do happen.

You would think that daredevil selfies (the “crazy” people hanging from the tallest structures in the world) are the ones that most likely will fall into their death but it seems more and more tourist are making headlines these days.

The latest victim that died was a 66-years-old man from Japan, and his friend ended up in a hospital after falling from stairs while talking a selfie at the Taj Mahal in India. Four of the last eight deaths were caused by falling.

The loss of life is a reminder to all travelers than focusing on the phone screen while exploring unfamiliar places can be dangerous.

Trains were the second cause of death because people got hit or ended up injured trying to take a photo or catch the train in the background of their image.

Parks are being closed because visitors are trying to take selfies with bears; bull runs (as if they are not dangerous enough) are banning selfie-taking and even the organizes of Tour de France are concerned about the potential danger of selfies.

It seems that there is no limit of how far people would go to take a great selfie so many attractions and landmarks have started banning selfie sticks for starters. Even the Russian Interior Ministry got involved and issued a brochure, warning about selfies that could be the last picture you will ever take.

Everyone remember that racing for a higher number of “likes”  is just not worth it, so keep it cool and keep it safe or just do things the old-fashion way.


This is so sad! That people rather become “Insta-Famous” then live a long life!

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