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9 Of The Most Beautiful Islands In Asia

9 Of The Most Beautiful Islands In Asia

All the islands in Asia are so beautiful with that white sand, big palm trees, and the crystal water, that they are famous for being the heaven on the earth. If you ever decide, and you should, on visiting Asia then these are the most beautiful islands that have to be on the top of your list:

1. The Pom Pom Island in Malaysia

This small island is amazing because there is not any pollution here and the beach, both the sand and the water are crystal clear. There are numerous fish species and stunning coral reefs here.

2. Similan Islands in Thailand

This island is protected by the Thai Government because it is of a great value. The great thing about here is that the weather is amazing throughout the whole year and you can enjoy watching all the see animals and corals because of the crystal clear water.

3. Macleod Island in Myanmar

Of course, this island is going to be on the list of the most beautiful islands because it’s very unique thanks to its serenity and simple beauty. This island looks like it is not touched by anyone. If you love nature and you seek for tranquility this is the place to be!

4. Koh Rong in Cambodia

Here there is very little development and nature is unspoiled. All you can get is rustic accommodation. It is located far from the nearest town and there are no roads there. However, this island is so special and well worth the trouble.

5. Cat Ba Island in Vietnam

This island is located in the Cat Ba National Park which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage. There are plenty of interesting activities happening here from boating to hiking in the mountains. You can never get bored on this island!

6. Komodo in Indonesia

Did you know that dragons really exist? Well you should, because this island is the home of the Komodo dragon and is for sure one of the most unique ones of the list of the most beautiful islands. Also, this island is the home of the very famous enormous lizard. This place would be perfect if you love the nature, the mountains, and love adventures. There are also amazing diving sites here.

7. Palawan in the Philippines

You will be for sure attracted to this island if you are nature lover because this island is both the combination of a green jungle and crystal beach. This beach is worldwide known because it has the most beautiful seascape there actually is. Here, you can go hiking or diving. The choice is never-ending.

8. Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

This island is the perfect place to go if you want to relax and feel like the time has stopped. You can enjoy the water activities and the amazing sunset that it offers.

9. Cebu Island in the Philippines

Last but not least on the list of the most beautiful islands in the world is the Cebu Island that offers jaw-dropping views of the mountains and the seas. It offers great nature experiences and it is the place to be!


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