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5 Of The World`s Greatest Walled Cities

5 Of The World`s Greatest Walled Cities

Have you ever asked yourself how it is like to live in a house surrounded by a historical building? People from 5 walled cites have the answers.

Walled cities that still exist, remain from the past, offer a great way of living, including all the historical parts.

Here are the opinions of people living in the world’s famous walled cities:

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The television show Game of Thrones has made this place even more popular. Dubrovnik captivates with its beautiful seaside area and the nearby airport. Its historical ambience is strengthened by the archaic wall from the 16th Century.

Many people who have moved from Dubrovnik- also known as The Old Town, nowadays rent their apartments to the tourists from all over the world. Still, many of them return to live in Dubrovnik because it is more secure for living.

Dubrovnik, Croatia


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