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5 Bone-chilling Destination In The World

5 Bone-chilling Destination In The World

If you are looking for a real challenge, for a scary adventure, than look no further. But do you have the stomach to cope with these bone-chilling scary places? Let`s find out…

1. Human Skeletons in Roopkund Lake, India

Back in 1942 a forest ranger hiking near the area of this lake came across a very disturbing discovery. His blood froze when he saw human skeletons surrounding the shallow glacial lake.
Thing got scarier when summer came, after the ice melted the whole area around the lake became even more terrifying with hundreds of new skeletons and some of them even had hair and flesh.  The question was obvious: Who or what killed all those people and why a lake high in the Himalayas was turned into a mass grave?

After an extensive research by an expedition in 2004 it turned out that the skeletons date all the way back to the9-th century from a group of pilgrims traveling through this area. Since all 200-300 skeletons had deep cracks in the skulls in seem that all suffered the same death, blows to the head with rounded objects. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to go, they all perished in the same cruel way.

The best time for a visit is during summer where all the skeletons are visible even in the bottom of the lake.

Roopkund Lake, India


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