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Beware! Weird Driving Laws Abroad

Beware! Weird Driving Laws Abroad

Yes, it`s more easy and practical to travel by plane, but personally I love traveling by car. The freedom of choice and all the places I get so see and admire are worth the extra mile. When driving in another country there are more things to be considered than just staying on the right side of the road under the allowed speed limit.
Some of them have pretty weird driving laws that can get you in trouble…

Carry your own breathalyzer in France. It doesn’t have to make sense but you have to carry one in your car or motorcycle while driving in France. If not, get ready to pay a $17 fine.

Eating or drinking while driving is illegal in Cyprus. Not even a drink of water in a mid summer heat! If you want to rehydrate while driving make sure you have $130 on the side for the nice policemen.

Keep your car clean and shiny in Bealrus. Why you ask? Because driving a dirty one can cost you around $62. It`s much cheaper to look for the first car wash when passing thru.

Make sure to have a tank full of gas on Germany`s Autobahn. If you run out and have to pull over than automatically you are breaking the law. All unnecessary stops (including running out of fuel) are lawbreaking.

Keep your headlights on in Sweden (or in any Scandinavian country) during day time. It’s the middle of June and the sun never sets but none the less you have to keep your lights on. Don`t ask why just do it!

You need a special permit to drive into a historic zone in Italy. Make sure to remember this next time  you see the ZTL or Zone Traffico Limitato sign.

Keep your hands on the wheel in Cyprus. All unnecessary hand gestures (even at annoying drivers) can get your wallet into trouble. Keep calm and drive on 🙂

Bring your spare pair of glasses when driving in Spain. If you require vision-correcting glasses to drive, make sure you keep an extra pair in your car at all times.

It`s illegal to drive blindfolded in Alabama. I know how “funky” this sounds but none the less they have a law against it. As Jeremy from Top Gear would say – They don`t have corners in America so someone might even consider trying this.

Welcome to Costa Rica! Have a beer. As long as you are not drunk and can keep your alcohol level below 0.75 % you are fine. But if you “can`t keep your cool” get ready for some jail time.

Don’t get into a car with a drunk driver in Japan. Well, if common sense is not enough, besides risking your life you are also risking legal trouble. Sober passengers can be punished by law if they are in the car with a drunk driver.

Driving too slow in America. It`s usually the speed that gets you it trouble, but driving too slow can also have its consequences.

Keep your shirt on in Thailand. It`s illegal for man to drive topless and doing so can result in a fine. I`m not sure about the woman’s thou 🙂

While in Denmark check under your car before driving off. The law states that you must check under the car for people (mostly snoozing children) before setting off.

Don`t slow down for pedestrians in Beijing, China. Yes I know how it sounds, but pedestrians have no right when it comes to crossing the street. If you stop on a pedestrian crossing the chances are you`ll  get a ticket.


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