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20 Best Hot-Dog Joints In The US

20 Best Hot-Dog Joints In The US
Frank Restaurant- Austin, Texas

Digging through the ratings of the consumers, Foursquare created a list of best hot-dog restaurants throughout America. From bacon-wrapped dogs in New York to rabbit dogs in LA, here is a list of 20 best places in America where you can taste the best hot-dogs.

1. Shake Shack,  New York City

Shake Shack began its hot-dog history in Madison’s Square Park in New York City. Its dogs are very popular coming with traditional topping of tomatoes, onions, pickles and normally mustard and ketch-up if desired.

Shake Shack - New York City

2. Happy Dog – Cleveland, Ohio

Except for its hot-dogs, Happy Dog is famous for its relaxing atmosphere, the good music and the cold beer. Here you could choose from a wide range of toppings – from peanut butter to special spaghetti sauces which adds to the fun of the eating.

Happy dog - Cleveland, Ohio


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