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14 Breathtaking Photos From Iceland That Look Out Of This World

14 Breathtaking Photos From Iceland That Look Out Of This World

By now, you must have heard about the natural beauty of Iceland, even if you were living under a rock. Tourists are now flying in  from all over the world, just to see its untouched landscape. Iceland has everything under one roof, from roaring volcanoes and sharp mountains to stunning fjords and breathtaking glaciers.

I`m sure you don`t need a lot of convincing to travel here, especially now when there are more flights coming in and tickets are way cheaper than before. Don`t want to disappoint you, but probably getting here is the only thing that`s cheap, everything else from hotels to renting a car can be a bit expensive. Even a regular meal can cost around $40. Traveling in winter is probably your best option if you want to save some money, but the downside is you`ll get fewer hours of daylight. If you are lucky enough then you might catch the Northern Lights, sure that`s a once in a lifetime experience.

If you plan on visiting in the summer, then you`ll have all the daylight you can use,  but the most interesting landmarks will be swarmed with tourists. On the bright side you can save some money by staying in a tent or use Couchsurfing instead of booking a hotel.

Iceland is an absolute must-see and these breathtaking photos will prove it!

14. Arctic Fox

13. Litlanesfoss

12. Landmannalaugar

11. Hofskirkja


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