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12 Most Exclusive World Locations Where James Bond Franchise Was Filmed

12 Most Exclusive World Locations Where James Bond Franchise Was Filmed

5. Fontainebleau in Miami, USA

Sean Connery was drinking his martini, having a massage and enjoying next to the pool of Fontainebleau. Back in 1964, the Goldfinger starts in this world famous hotel, which has been a hotspot for an exclusive vacation of a number of Hollywood celebrities.

4. Swiss Alps in Switzerland

Swiss Alps were a perfect place for some of the scenes in 2015’s Spectre. The breathtaking surrounding and the wonderful views seen while Daniel Craig was driving his Aston Martin, were a great part of the exciting storyline of 007.

3. Barbican Center in London, UK

Barbican Center is the home of the London Symphonic Orchestra and other famous cultural, entertainment and shopping premises. In Quantum of Solace in 2008, it was the home of Secret Intelligence Service and MI-6.

2. The Langham Hotel in London, UK

Hosting guests since 1865, the Victorian luxurious Langham Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Europe. It has been visited by a lot of famous artists, politicians, and even princes. In 1995, Pierce Brosnan in Golden Eye spent a romantic evening with a femme fatale right there.

1. Regent Street in London, UK

Regent Street is one of the most famous and major shopping streets in London. Located in its West End, with buildings in Georgian style dating from early 1800s, it was a ground for the unique experience of 007’s well known frenetic high-speed chases, in 1995’s Golden Eye, with Pierce Brosnan driving his BMW 73.


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