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12 Most Exclusive World Locations Where James Bond Franchise Was Filmed

12 Most Exclusive World Locations Where James Bond Franchise Was Filmed

12. Blenheim Palace, UK

As a home to the dukes of Marlborough back in centuries, the Blenheim Palace is a unique representative of the English Baroque. In 2015’s Spectre, James Bond is chasing criminals right in this historical treasure.

11. Vauxhall Bridge in London, UK

With its original artistic details, red and yellow color, the iconic Vauxhall Bridge of River Thames decorated Spectre. Although often shown in movies, this steel and granite arch bridge looks special in 007.

10. Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

James Bond has always been stylish. In Casino Royale, it showed the beautiful architecture of the Renaissance, capturing the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore while it was standing in the back in the first stop of 007.

9. Venetian Lagoon in Italy

Not on the well known authentic gondolas, but an expensive speed boat, James Bond in Casino Royale did an exciting cruise around the Venetian Lagoon during one of his dangerous missions.

8. Grand Hotel Pupp in Czech Republic

Located in the beautiful spa village of Karlovy Vary, this exclusive hotel, built in neo-Baroque, was standing in the background of an exciting combat scene in Casino Royale. Totally impressive.

7. Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

This Roman Chatolic Church historic landmark impresses with its architecture, art and spirit. In Casino Royal, James Bond made a stop in front of it.

6. Big Ben in London, UK

Built in 1858, known as the most recognizable monument in London, Big Ben was shown in its greatest shine in 1964’s Goldfinger.


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