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12 Hand-Picked Places With The Clearest Waters In The World

12 Hand-Picked Places With The Clearest Waters In The World
Linapacan Island, Palawan, Philippines

Panari Island – Okinawa, Japan

Located on the most remote region of Japan on Yaeyama Islands, Panari (or Aragusuku) is known as one of the best diving location in the world. This island is very similar to the Great Barrier Reef because of its large number of coral species and various marine lives.

Diving here will give you a once in a life time chance to observe over 400 types of corals, manta rays, whale sharks, sea turtles and all sorts of tropical fish species.

Panari Island - Okinawa, Japan


Hi Metodija,

I just read a magazine – offline – about Palawan. Methinks it’s speaking to me 😉 From the clear waters to pristine nature of the beach and region I need to get there soon. I have dwelled on the Philippines for many years now. Just haven’t gotten there. I get caught up in Thailand or Bali because I love each so much. My vote for clearest waters goes to 2 places I’ve seen in person; the southern tip of Koh Lanta, Thailand, at the national park, and also Savusavu, Fiji. I read the waters around Savusavu, during high season, have visibilities of up to 100 meters. That is not a typo. From 150 meters up on a cliff I easily saw through 10 to 20 meters to the coral, on the bottom of Savusavu, Bay. I’ve no doubts that as you get deeper and deeper you’d see right through. Some beaches in Fiji clearly show what areas and waters look like with no pollution, as much of the world looked before humans mucked much of it up.

Pandawa Beach right around the corner from us here in Bali makes honorable mention. Not in this class but damn, on a clear, calm day it’s pretty darn close, and the views from the cliffs make you dizzy, they are so damn pretty.

Thanks Metodija!

Tweeting from Bali.


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