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12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

4. Metro 2

Moscow`s Metro 2 is one place you definitely cannot visit because it exists in the minds of conspiracy theorists. Apparently this is a secret railway system that runs close to the public metro in Moscow. What`s interesting is the fact that the Russian government neither denies nor confirms its existence.

3. Vatican`s Secret Archive

Few people are allowed to step inside Vatican`s Secret Archive and even if they do, no one is allowed to look at three folders at a time. Bear in mind that this place has miles and miles of shelves, supposedly.
The Secret Archives in Vatican City, Italy

2. Surtsey

This volcanic island is like an ongoing science project since the volcano erupted in 1963 that lasted for four long years. Only selected few scientists are allowed to visit.

1. Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is home to an annual two-week retreat held by the Bohemian Club, which is basically the most famous white dudes club for the rich and conservative. Some of its members were/are: Mark Twain, Jack London, Walter Cronkite, Clint Eastwood, William F. Buckley and almost every US Republican president.


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