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12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

8. Poveglia

Many people think that the small island near Venice is probably the most haunted place in the world. This place was used as a mass burial ground, then people with infectious diseases were sent here to die and finally as a mental asylum. It gives me the shivers just writing about it!

7. Snake Island

There are hundreds of varieties of venomous snakes and as many as the eye can see. This island on the coast of Brazil is so scary that even the government doesn’t dare to set foot on it.
Snake Island - Sao Paulo, Brazil

6. Area 51

There are many rumors surrounding Nevada’s Area 51. Some believe this is where the US government keeps the downed alien ship while others believe that’s just a cover up for building some of the most secret aircrafts in the world. Either way we will never know for sure.
Area 51, Nevada

5. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia

The Chapel is the final resting place of the fabled Ark of the Covenant, which means it’s off limit to everyone except one monk who`s looking over the welfare of the Ark.


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