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12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

12 Extraordinary Places You Are Forbidden From Visiting

There are few sacred places on this planet that some people believe are a gateway between this world and the afterlife. In time, these special locations have cultivated a certain allure that radiates mystery and awe. Take a look…

12. North Sentinel Island

The Sentinelese people have occupied this small island for more than 60.000 years and they don’t let anyone to step foot on their land. Every single attempt, every first contact has been met with vicious hostility.

11. The Tomb of Qin She Huang

The resting place of China`s first emperor and his famous terra cotta warriors is a place filled with booby traps, especially in the emperor`s tomb. Since it was firstly discovered back in 1974 his tomb has managed to remain undisturbed.
Terracotta Army – Shaanxi province, China

10. Club 33

This is the only place in Disneyland you are not allowed to enter because it’s an ultra-exclusive member`s only club. In order to get in you`ll have to wait at least for several years and be ready to spend some serious cash because you`ll need $100k just to get in.

9. Google`s Data Center

Believe it or not, Google’s data center is secure as Area 51. Actually, there are around 15 physical locations around the world that allow Google to keep its engine running.


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