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10 Most Promiscuous Cities In The World For A One-Night Stand

10 Most Promiscuous Cities In The World For A One-Night Stand

2000 people from ages 18 to 64 were interviewed in a recent survey for Glamour Magazine about their casual one-night stand experiences.  82% confessed having at least one such experience and 19% of those regret that it ever happened.

The western world is embracing this trend with movies and television promoting such lifestyle. But not all countries have joined the revolution. Here are 10 cities in the world that have the most one-night stands.

10. Berlin, Germany

Just because of the annual exotic Love Parade dating back to 1989, Berlin has become a year round tourist spot where locals and tourist are very open about their intimate tendencies. There is no discrimination and people have also embraced the LGBT community. The fact that Berlin legalized prostitution helped to rank this city at no. 10 spot on the list.

Berlin, Germany

9. Macau, China

Since Macau legalized gambling it has exploded on the tourist map. The city has become a magnet for people who like to indulge themselves in casual one-night stands, drinking and gambling. In fact, because of the ever growing popularity the city has managed to take the crow form Las Vegas and now Macau is the “King of All Casino Havens”.



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