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10 Mesmerizing Destinations For Your 2018 Travel Bucket List

10 Mesmerizing Destinations For Your 2018 Travel Bucket List
Lake Leitisvatn, Faroe Islands

It can`t get any sweeter than this! Check these paces out!

1. Normandy, France

With 2018 Tour de France launching from the awe-inspiring Mont St. Michel this area will be more attractive than ever! We don`t even have to mention the beautiful scenery and the old world architecture of this island`s commune.

Etretat in Normandy

2. Faroe Islands, Denmark

This astonishing Danish archipelago is a natural wonderland that will make you feel alive more than ever.

Faroe Islands

3. Puerta Princesa, Phillippines

Beautiful swimming holes and unspoiled beaches beyond any description. Enough said!

4. Havana, Cuba

With the US embargo lifted a few years ago, Cuba has the potential of turning into one of the hottest destination for 2018.

5. Vilnius, Lithuania

When you seek for a perfect getaway I know that a country like Lithuania doesn’t come to mind easily. With all the incredible architecture, beautiful beaches, stunning forests and delicious food this country doesn’t deserve to be so incredibly underrated.

6. Sicily, Italy

Because of its Mediterranean charms and laid-back attitude Sicily is definitely a prime holiday spot.

7. Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is one of the most impressive historical regions and Europe that will surly dazzle you with its beautiful mountains and fairy-tale castles.

8. St Helena

This remote island is perfect for those who want to isolate themselves from the modern world. It’s no coincidence that Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled here.

9. Guam

A classic tropical paradise!

10. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is a great mixture of adventure and luxury. Here you can find a high-end holiday spot mixed with history and urban landscape.


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