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10 Life-Changing Trips You Must Take In Your 30s

10 Life-Changing Trips You Must Take In Your 30s

2. Petra, Jordan

Petra is where you can live out you Indiana Jones fantasies and take a trip into another world, back in time. Turn off your cell phone and listen to the haunting stories told by locals while drinking tea and listening to soft Bedouin music in the background.

Petra, Jordan at Night

1. Star Watching From Hawaii`s Big Island

Beaches and clear waters is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Hawaii, but the fact is that Hawaii`s ethereal night sky is even more spectacular. For the best views climb (or take 4×4) to Mauna Kea just in time to watch the spectacular sunset.

After, head down to the visitor’s center where volunteers will help you spot the North Star and the Milky Way.

P.S. The telescopes are free.


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