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Top 10 of the Coolest and Unusual Looking Hotels in the World

We are all familiar how an average, usual, every day “Holiday Inn“ hotel looks like. They are all build to be simple and practical. Sometimes we don’t want anything more than just a dissent place to spend the night, take a hot shower, breakfast in the morning and off we go. But sometimes we want some genuine fun, excitement and relaxation. For that purpose alone, some people have built specially designed and interesting looking hotels. Some of them look very different, very out of the ordinary and offer unusual experience. Some of them are worth remembering and will stay in our memories forever.

Check out the top 10 coolest and unusual looking hotels in the world.

1. Invisible Tree House Hotels

Treehotel is very popular and interesting choice for a place to stay when visiting Lapland, Sweden. It has a very simple cubic design with reflecting mirrors on the outside making it almost invisible. The only problem is you`ll be having a hard time finding your room.

Treehotel Lapland, Sweden


Poseidon Undersea Hotel looks fantastic. I would like to visit and stay a few days there. Can you inform and share with us where we can find this hotel and book a stay? Thanks…

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