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Honeymoon Pictures from the Worldwide Popular #FollowMeTo Couple

Honeymoon Pictures from the Worldwide Popular #FollowMeTo Couple

It was in 2012 when a couple from Russia went on a honeymoon and decided to share their one-of-a –kind experience with the world. Believe it or not, their photos shared on Instagram became exquisitely popular! The thing is, the newlywed husband is the photographer who follows his newlywed wife through their honeymoon. Everywhere they go, she is holding his hand and leading him to the amazing places they chose to see on their trip!

Follow me to couple in India

Murad Osmann and Natalya Zakharova Wedding

They started their travel in Las Vegas and stayed at Bellagio Hotel. Nataly, the wife, is photographed holding her husband’s hand while looking at the fountains and turned towards the sunset.

Follow me to couple Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

They even took a few more panoramic photos Las Vegas.

Follow me to couple in Las Vegas

From Vegas, they headed to Maldives.  While on the white sandy beach, Natalie is holding Murad’s hand and walking towards the glistening blue sea. On his Instagram Murad wrote that photos might look as if photoshopped here, but they’re real.

Honeymoon Pics of Murad Osmann with Natalya Zakharova

They also went surfing on Maldives. They posted several other photos that witness their great time here.

Follow me to couple surfing in Maldives

Murad Osmann and Natalya Zakharova
All in all, the photos they posted on Instagram are outstanding and were enormously admired by people.


Complimenti bellissimo foto!

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