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Bring Back The Ultimate Souvenir – Best Places To Get A Tattoo

Bring Back The Ultimate Souvenir – Best Places To Get A Tattoo
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If you want a once in a life time souvenir, a permanent reminder of the best time in your life, take a look at some of the best places to get a tattoo.

Wat Bang Phra, Thailand

Don`t let the 45cm needle scare you away, supposedly the Buddhist tattoo artists can transfer mystical power by linking yantra tattoos. If you are looking for a “powerful” tattoo that will give you strength, protection and bring you good charm in the years to come, there is no other more authentic place than this one. The Temple at Wat Bang Phra holds an annual tattoo festival each year in March.

North Island, New Zealand

The art of tattoo is deeply integrated into New Zealand`s culture. They are famous for their “Maori warrior” (a scary dude with tattoos on his face) and for their trademark designs knows as “ta moko”. True traditional artists use a bone chisel (modern less-painful technology is also available) and moko inspired tattoos are considered sacred so non-natives usually get similar looking designs called kirituhi.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

The country that gave us the word tattoo meaning “to place upon and strike”. The old school artists still use ancient tools for tattooing.  Their equipment includes sharpened bones, organic ink and another stick for taping. It also requires another helping hand for stretching the skin while the master pokes his magic into your skin. It`s also more expensive. Native motives like turtle shells, sea creatures and tikis (protection) are commonly used.

Tahiti Traditional Tattoo


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