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18 Useful Tricks For Scoring A Cheap Flight

18 Useful Tricks For Scoring A Cheap Flight

1. Follow the airlines’ websites and sign up to receive alerts on lowering prices. You even have options to put in your destination and get email informing you when there is a fall in the prices.

2. Find some good last-minute deals on Twitter, Facebook or the other social media. Book them quickly because they can go away fast.

3. Look for airline’s own website in order to see their offers. You can sometimes come across a price difference of $100 -$ 400 in comparison with other companies.

4. You should know that some airlines will refund you if your already bought ticket goes on sale.

5. If you decide to cancel your flight, you should do it 24 hours after booking it so as not to pay penalty.

6. When booking over phone, you should know that there are airlines that will charge you more than $50 for extra fees.



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